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Cinnamon Rolls


Cinnamon Rolls (Dalchini) are also called as cinnamon quills.

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Cinnamon Rolls (Dalchini) are also called as cinnamon quills. Cinnamon tea and coffee helps to reduce stress, it is also as a flavour enhancer for a soup base dish such as dal/lentils.

Cinnamon Rolls can provide a delicate spice infusion to Autumnal or festive recipes. These wonderfully aromatic cinnamon rolls are yielded from Ceylon plants native to Sri Lanka – and are distinctly more nutritious and tastier than its cousin Cassia. They are a fantastic ingredient for cooking authentic curries, desserts, herbal teas and even cinnamon chai latte.

This Ceylon cinnamon is in a stick/quil form, you can add it to boiling water as is or grind into a powder via a mortar and pestle. Use it to add a bit of sweetness to herbal teas, such asĀ turmeric tea.

Ceylon cinnamon is widely used as a spice, principally employed in cookery as a condiment. It is a key flavouring ingredient known for its high nutrient profile and an abundance of health benefits. For more information take a look at the Ceylon CinnamonĀ  category page.

Ways to use Cinnamon Rolls

  • InfuseĀ herbal drinks
  • Use to make an authentic chai latte
  • Add a warm spice to authentic curries and remove the quill before serving
  • Use to decorate festive cakes
  • Grind down and use in both sweet and savoury recipes

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